Anton started his research at Belgorod State University (BSU) in 2010 studying vanadium-titanium alloys for fusion reactors using DFT methods. In 2019 he defended his Candidate of Sciences degree in Physics and Mathematics.

Since 2020 Anton has been working at Skoltech.

Overarched by the development of new energy storage technology our lab consists of three research groups, which are complementary to each other. 

  • Cathode, anode, electrolyte design and new chemical synthesis by Stanislav Fedotov
  • Design of electrode/electrolyte interface and electrochemical study  by Viktoria Nikitina
  • Computational design of battery materials and atomic level understanding of electrode/electrolyte interface by Dmitry Aksyonov 




If you like to join us as Postdoc, PhD student or Master please contact us using our Skoltech pages

For full lists of publications look here:

S. Fedotov

V. Nikitina

D. Aksyonov