General references

Recommended textbooks: molecular systems

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C J Cramer, Essentials of computational chemistry: theories and models (Wiley, 2004), 2nd ed – google

F Jensen, Introduction to computational chemistry (Wiley, 2007), 2nd ed – google

A Szabo, N S Ostlund, Modern quantum chemistry: Introduction to advanced electronic structure theory (Dover Pub, 1996) – google

Recommended textbooks: solid state systems

F Giustino, Materials Modelling using Density Functional Theory (OUP, 2014) – google

D Sholl, J Steckel, Density functional theory: A practical introduction (Wiley, 2009) – google

R M Martin, Electronic structure: Basic theory and practical methods (CUP, 2020), 2ed – google

R A Evarestov, Quantum chemistry of solids: LCAO treatment of crystals and nanostructures (Springer, 2012), 2ed – google


Handbook of Computational Chemistry, ed J Leszczynski (Springer, 2017), 2ed

Encyclopedia of Computational Chemistry, ed P von Rague Schleyer (Wiley, 1998)

Other textbooks (chronological order)

L Piela, Ideas of Quantum Chemistry (Elsevier, 2013) 2ed – google

P W Atkins, R S Friedman, Molecular quantum mechanics (OUP, 2011), 5ed – google

J H Jensen, Molecular Modeling Basics (CRC, 2010) – google

T Heine, J Joswig, A Gelessus, Computational Chemistry Workbook (Wiley, 2009) – google

I N Levine, Quantum chemistry (Prentice Hall, 2009), 6ed – google

A Hinchliffe, Molecular Modelling for Beginners (Wiley, 2008), 2ed google

J P Lowe, K A Peterson, Quantum chemistry (Elsevier, 2006), 3ed – google

W J Hehre, A Guide to Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Chemical Calculations (Wavefunction, 2003) – Spartan

D Young, Computational Chemistry: A Practical Guide for Applying Techniques to Real World Problems (Wiley, 2001) – google

T Helgaker, P Jorgensen, J Olsen, Molecular electronic-structure theory (Wiley, 2000)

K Ohno, K Esfarjani, Y Kawazoe, Computational materials science (Springer, 1999) – google

J B Foresman, A Frisch, Exploring chemistry with electronic structure methods (Gaussian, 1996), 2ed – librarywebsite


Other references and resources


Gallery of crystal and molecular structures

Scientific software and related questions

Topical references

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Crystal structures

Crystallography Open Database

Inorganic crystal structure database (demo)

Crystallographic and Crystallochemical Database for Mineral and their Structural Analogues

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database

WebCSD (Cambridge Structural Database online) – commercial


NIST Chemistry WebBook


Benchmark calculations

NIST Computational chemistry comparison and benchmark database

Benchmark Energy and Geometry Database


NIST databases

Materials Project (MIT, LBNL) (Duke U)

Molecular Space (Harvard U) – conjugated polymers

Other Internet resources

Bilbao Crystallographic Server

Computational Chemistry List

EMSL Basis Set Exchange

Atomic Spectra Database (NIST)

Background textbooks

Quantum mechanics

Ландау Л Д, Лифшиц Е М, Теоретическая физика. Т. 3. Квантовая механика (Наука, 1989)

Statistical physics

Ландау Л Д, Лифшиц Е М, Теоретическая физика. Т. 5. Статистическая физика. Ч. 1 (Наука, 1995)

Materials science

W D Callister Jr, D G Rethwisch, Materials science and engineering (Wiley, 2014), 9ed

Quantum chemistry

D G Pettifor, Bonding and structure of molecules and solids (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995)

T A Albright, J K Burdett, M-H Whangbo, Orbital interactions in chemistry (Wiley, 2013), 2ed

F Weinhold, C Landis, Valency and bonding: a natural bond orbital donor-acceptor perspective (CUP, 2005) – google

R Hoffmann, Solids and Surfaces: A Chemist's View of Bonding in Extended Structures (VCH, 1988)

I N Levine, Quantum chemistry (Pearson, 2013), 7ed

D A Papaconstantopoulos, Handbook of the band structure of elemental solids (Springer, 2015), 2ed

Condensed matter physics

W A Harrison, Electronic structure and the properties of solids (Dover, 1989), 2ed – google

N W Ashcroft, N D Mermin, Solid state physics (Cengage Learning, 1976)

C Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics (Wiley, 2005), 8ed

Soft matter physics

M P Allen, D J Tildesley, Computer simulation of liquids (OUP, 1987)